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Manoir de Kerhuel
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Quimper - Bretagne
Manoir de Kerhuel
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Pointe du Raz

France’s answer to Land’s End

With breathtaking landscapes!

Listed as a “Grand Site de France”
One hour from our hotel

The Pointe du Raz headland is a masterpiece of nature looking out onto the raging Raz de Sein.
Alone or accompanied, if you walk along the coastal path, it will lead you from moorland to ocean, where you will discover a stunning panoramic view of the Raz de Sein, well known to sailors, with its Vieille and Tévennec lighthouses and the fascinating Isle of Sein.
With high moorland cliffs, battered by the wind and sea, the Pointe du Raz is probably the best known natural site in Finistère, but other less well-known places are part of this “Grand Site de France”, which covers an area of 2,000 hectares, and they are just as interesting.
The North coast extending from the Pointe du Van to the Pointe du Millier, offers a succession of rocky outcrops that were converted into fortified sites in the iron age. These days, the seabirds have made them their home and part of this area is now the Cap Sizun Bird Sanctuary. It helps to provide them with the conditions needed to conserve their habitats.

In the beams of light at land’s end
Listed as a “Grand site de France”, the Pointe du Raz is roughly 70 metres high. Sculpted by the ocean and the wind, it is well worth visiting the region for this alone. The square lighthouse on the tiny island of la Vieille, first lit in 1887 and automated in 1995, stands opposite the headland. Beyond the untamed rocks and the emerald sea, the panoramic ocean view looks out on the Isle of Sein and in clear weather the Ar Men lighthouse.

A path to experiencing new emotions
A white house on the moor, a chapel brightened up with lichen, a pocket-size port at the foot of the granite… there are many surprises along safe footpaths. We recommend this hike if you wish to truly experience the stormy feel of the Pointe du Raz. On Cap-Sizun, the Pointe du Millier, Pointe de Beuzec and the Pointe de Brézellec are also outstandingly beautiful places to walk, with a view of the Cap de la Chèvre. Thrill-seekers will venture as far as the north face to the Enfer de Plogoff, where the legendary Princess Dahut did away with her lovers. A rocky spur rises straight up above the waves. There’s more than vertical rocks! The sandy beaches are an inviting place to stop and the Baie des Trépassés (Bay of the Dead) is a good spot for surfing.

A landscape that gives you wings
Cap Sizun is also the habitat of many birds, including the black-headed gull. The Pointe du Raz has been protected since 1996, conserving the ecosystem of these species. The Cap Sizun Bird Sanctuary is even more remarkable and it is well worth visiting. From the pathway, you can watch black-legged kittiwakes, guillemots and northern fulmars on this majestic coast, dotted with islands. Telescopes and binoculars are available at the entrance to get a better view.

Feel like meeting up in the countryside? Stumble upon hamlets of old houses near a manor or a mill at the intersection of small country roads. On the bank of the River Goyen, Pont-Croix is still an attractive medieval site, preserved by the thriving fairs. A pleasant stopover in a small town of historical interest.
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